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Smile Enhancement

We at Dental Park enhance your smile in the healthiest way possible. We restore your confidence. 


Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are tooth coloured composite restorations which are apt for chipped or broken front teeth. These materials have a refractive index compatible with that of natural teeth as well as an array of shades, so that the exact size, shape and colour of your natural tooth can be mimicked. 

Zirconia Laminates / Crowns

If you have gaps between your front teeth, chipped or decayed front teeth, your smile can not only be corrected, but also enhanced with Laminates or Crowns made out of Zirconia. These are highly esthetic, durable and do not stain or change colour over time. These are manufactured using the latest CAD-CAM technology. As the process is digitally done, your smile is enhanced in a manner that suits your face, giving you confidence! 
These are highly translucent and mimic the contours, colour, shape and size of adjacent natural teeth. It's as though you never got anything done at all! 


Gum Surgery

Bacterial overgrowth can cause multiple abscesses to develop over your gums. These are red, swollen, painful and bleed. Gum surgery is done to remove these growths along with Deep Cleaning to prevent their recurrence. 

Braces Treatment

It is important to get braces as an adolescent as this is the period when the bones are soft, jaw growth is not complete and teeth can be moved. Once adulthood is reached and jaw bone growth is completed, there is not much scope to move your teeth to potentially better positions. 
Braces are not just for "straightening" teeth, but also to correct the angulations and bite of your upper and lower teeth. A potentially traumatic bite can damage your gums as well as cause your teeth to wear. This can lead to damage which is difficult to reverse. 

Dental Brace

Kid's Dentistry

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene in childhood so that the milk teeth are in good condition. Milk teeth are needed for the child to develop proper speech patterns as well as nutrition. If the milk teeth are extensively decayed, it affects the development of the underlying permanent teeth. 

Root Canal Treatment

Very often, teeth get damaged due to bacterial decay - beyond the scope of a filling. The nerve inside the tooth becomes damaged irreversibly. In such cases, a properly perfomed root canal procedure, can increase the longevity of your own natural teeth. Preserving your natural teeth is important to preserve the bone in your jaws. Once teeth are removed, you not only lose chewing efficiency but also a significant loss of bone structure, leading to a hollow, sunken appearance of your lips and cheeks. 

Dental x-ray
Female white toothy smile

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most advanced solutions to replacing a missing tooth. The implant occupies the same space in your jaw as your natural tooth did and once crowned, will function in the same manner. 

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are often placed on existing natural teeth to strengthen them, when they are weak due to extensive loss of tooth structure as a result of decay or post root canal treatment. Bridges are an alternative to Dental Implants for replacing missing teeth. 



Would you believe me if I told you that the above are not natural teeth, but dentures? 
But they look so natural... How is it possible? 
Gone are the days when dentures were not only ill-fitting but also looked... Well like dentures! We at Dental Park provide dentures that mimic natural teeth in looks, touch as well as in usage. Smile with confidence! 

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