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Is a professional cleaning required? 

Everytime we eat, the food mixes with our saliva to form a thin film on the surface of the tooth. This film contains bacteria as well. It is not always possible to thoroughly remove this film with a toothbrush, especially in hard to reach areas and sometimes underneath your gums. This in turn leads to bacterial overgrowth which soon attack your teeth, gums and the underlying bone and destroy them. 
We advocate a professional cleaning every 6 months to ensure that no deposits remain and your teeth remain healthy. 

Do we need to maintain milk teeth? 

Absolutely yes! Milk teeth are very important not only for a child's nutrition but also for developing proper speech patterns. If the milk teeth are damaged extensively or very early in childhood, they affect the subsequent development of the underlying permanent teeth, leading to a vicious cycle of a lifetime of dental problems. 

Is fluoride treatment important for children? 

Yes. We at Dental Park advocate fluoride treatment for milk teeth, every 6 months. This is to arrest the spread of tooth decay as well as to slow down the process and strengthen the tooth from within. This is done so that the underlying permanent teeth develop normally and erupt in a healthy oral environment. 

Are braces needed for adolescents? 

Yes, for most adolescents. Braces are not to merely straighten teeth. They are needed to correct teeth which are rotated or not in correct alignment. This in turn affects your bite. A traumatic bite can lead to host of issues such as swollen and bleeding gums, pain on chewing and wear of teeth due to abnormal biting forces. This leads to long term consequences and are not easy to reverse. 

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